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“A Letter a Day to Keep the Plastic Away” Campaign The “A Letter a Day to Keep the Plastic Away” campaign urges restaurant to cease offering single-use cutlery. Please visit the Facebook group for the details.
The honours project of the HKBU Journalism Department 2018 Does a piece of litter really matter? And what we can do more?
APCO Worldwide A team of volunteers from consulting firm APCO Worldwide was in action to protect the beautiful shorelines in Hong Kong. The team had a very rewarding experience with the beach cleanup at Stanley, followed by robust discussions on the cause and impact of marine pollution to the community, and what corporates can do.
Hong Kong Sustainable Campus Consortium Joint campaign by eight universities to reduce plastic straws

City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, Lingnan University, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The Education University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and The University of Hong Kong will launch a joint environmental campaign “UNIfy: Skip the Straw” on March 12 signifying the joint efforts of to reduce plastic waste.

The universities will hold a “No Straw Week” or “No Straw Day” on their campuses during the week of March 12-16 to encourage the avoidance of using disposable plastic straws.

[The event website]
Association for Sha Tau Kok Culture and Ecology Association for Sha Tau Kok Culture and Ecology held its first large-scale cleaning event in Lai Chi Wo [Beautiful Coastal Operation - Lai Chi Wo] on January 1, 2018. The Association, in collaboration with a number of cooperative organizations, recruited nearly 200 volunteer friends to work on the Clean Coast Campaign. For details, please refer to the Press Release and activity Facebook website (Available in Chinese only).
Alex Roberts of Japanese International School Everyone can take a step to protect the ocean marine environment. Alex studying in P2 not only did a beach clean in his time off school, he made a poster to share the experience and invite his fellows to take action.
Coastal Conservation Hong Kong The Coastal Conservation Hong Kong organised a beach cleanup at Kat O of Ap Chau on 22/4 to celebrate the Earth Day 2017. [Details] (In Chinese only) Link to pdf
搞乜東東 This Christmas, NGO「搞乜東東」prepared a special gift to the nature. A team of 45 volunteers conducted a beach cleanup at Shek Pai Wan of Lamma on the Christmas Eve, inspiring citizens to reduce the use of disposable plastics in daily life. Visit their blog for the details. (Available in Chinese only) Link to pdf
Ocean Recovery Alliance Ocean Recovery Alliance hosts the Grate Art: Art for Awareness, a community art program to raise public awareness about protecting the ocean. Collaborating with seven leading local and Chinese artists, the Hong Kong charity will install ceramic art tiles on pavements above storm drains throughout the Southern District of Hong Kong. Please visit the Facebook for details. Link to pdf
Last Straw Movement A number of green groups concerning the marine environment jointly initiate the Last Straw Movement. The program aims at reducing plastic waste by encouraging local bars to offer biodegradable straw in replacement to plastic straw. For details, please visit to the website. Link to pdf
WWF- Hong Kong To help visualize the importance of keeping litter out of the marine environment and give people tips on how to reduce waste, the Coastal Watch team will be releasing its first Marine Litter Educational Leaflet. With its fun illustrations and simple explanations, the leaflet describes the sources of marine litter and its consequences on marine life. It also explains ten practical ways to effectively reduce garbage in the marine environment. The first batch of both English and Chinese versions is now ready for collection for free at more than 10 locations. Electronic versions of the leaflets may also be downloaded from Coastal Watch’s website. Link to pdf
ViuTV Challenge at Lap Sap Wan (SE7EN, Episode 9) The production team of SE7EN program and enthusiastic volunteers cleared the marine refuse on Lap Sap Wan of Shek O.

About the episode (Chinese only) / Online playback (Cantonese narration only)
Link to pdf
WWF- Hong Kong Coastal Watch Project hosted by WWF (HK) organised a territory-wide coastal cleanup action on 5 June 2016, “The World Environment Day”. Citizens of Hong Kong, Mainland and Macau joined together to show our concern on marine conservation by taking actions to remove the marine litter on the coastline. Over 400 volunteers with representatives from a number of organisations and the Inter-departmental Working Group on Clean Shorelines collected 1.8 tonnes of marine refuse during the cleanup actions at 16 coastal locations in Hong Kong. Link to pdf
The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club announced that the Club will no longer sell beverages in single-use plastic bottles nor provide members with plastic bags or plastic straws. This initiative will take effect from 8 June 2016, an auspicious date being the internationally celebrated World Oceans Day. Link to pdf
Ecozine / HK CLEANUP Hong Kong's first Zero Waste Corporate Challenge Hong Kong's first Zero Waste Corporate Challenge
Actions for Pleasant Nature Cleanup at Tung Lung Island Cleanup at Tung Lung Island
HK's Clean Up Crew's Cleanup at Siu A Chau Cleanup at Siu A Chau
WWF- Hong Kong 2015-16 Kick Off Ceremony of the Coastal Watch Project Coastal Watch Kick Off Ceremony
Hong Kong Cleanup, Ecozine, and The Nature Conservancy Thinking about face the problem of littering with the aid of cutting-edge technology? The Hong Kong Cleanup, in partnership with Ecozine and The Nature Conservancy, is launching the ‘Face of Litter’, a science-based awareness campaign. Litters at key locations in Hong Kong was collected for DNA analysis. The data were used to create a visual representation of the person who has littered. For details, please visit the website or watch ‘The Face of Litter’ online video. Poster of ‘Face of Litter’ campaign
WWF - Hong Kong WWF-Hong Kong’s Coastal Watch Project Makes a Big Splash!
Student Environmental Protection Ambassador Scheme ─ Marine Conservation, Cleaner and Greener Shorelines programme Please keep the beach clean, thank you! (Chinese version only)
ecobus Take Only Pictures Leave Only Footprints
Living Lamma Brand on the Beach Clean Up March 2014

The Pearl Report: Part 1

The Pearl Report: Part 2
Living Lamma Brand on the Beach Clean Up January 2014

One Week After the Clean Up

A Closer Look at the Trash
Cathay Pacific Airways Directors join CX Volunteers in Lantau beach cleanup (2 November 2013)
Drainage Services Department - DSD Staff Club, Volunteers Team & Green Champion Peng Chau Go-Around & Coastal Cleanup (2 November 2013) (Chinese version only)
Living Lamma Beach Party by P.K. Pebbles
Living Lamma Brand on the Beach Clean Up, Lamma Island, Hong Kong on 16 December 2012

2013 HKCleanUp (29 & 30 September 2013)

Cleanup of Pebbles Beach at Pak Kok, Lamma (Before)

Cleanup of Pebbles Beach at Pak Kok, Lamma (After)
Hong Kong Baptist University – BU Greenies (BUGS) 香港浸會大學環保義工隊 – 浸大綠動力 (BUGS)

龍鼓灘沙灘清潔比賽 (2013年10月5日)
(Chinese version only)
Ocean Park / Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong 「港人必看:各路英雄齊集東澳清膠珠 」 短片(Chinese version only)

Hong Kong Plastic Pellet Patrol
WWF - Hong Kong Plastic Pellet Cleanup Action

The Snowball Effect